First Stage: Video abstracts

Candidates must send a 300-word summary of the reflections or issues raised in the Video and an image before March 22, 2021, indicating which thematic line it corresponds to and following the instructions indicated in the submission guidelines. The abstract must be anonymous and may be in Spanish or English. The proposal must include a title and 5 keywords.

The abstracts will be evaluated by peer review, so that the authors won’t know the name of the reviewers, and the collaborators won’t either know the name of the authors. Please prepare the abstract in a way that preserves anonymity until submission of the final paper, taking into account:

  • Do not put name, email or institution of the authors below the title.
  • Do not indicate in the acknowledgements data of partners that could identify the author or its institution.
  • Check that the attached material does not contain data that could identify the authors or its institutions.

Authors will be notified of the acceptance or rejection of their proposal to the Conference on April  22nd, 2021.

Second stage: Video submission / Short paper  

The selected authors must submit their Video by May 10, 2021, using the online platform.

A maximum of one video artwork per artist or collective may be submitted. If the original language is not Spanish or English, they must be subtitled in one of the aforementioned languages. The maximum recommended duration is 30 minutes.

Authors who consider it appropriate can develop a short paper that will be part of the Proceedings  Conference. Each article in the proceedings will have its own DOI and the general publication will be registered with ISBN. Video short paper will have a minimum of 2000 words.

To submit your short paper follow the indications in the Submission Guidelines, and use the conference template.

On June 14, 2021, those authors who have submitted a short paper will receive their review.

Third stage: Final short paper

For those who have submitted a short paper, after correcting the annotations pointed out by the reviewers, they must upload the final short paper, including the name of the authors, email and institution, before July 30, 2021.


In order to publish the papers it is mandatory to send a signed copy of the transfer of rights document. The paper must follow strictly the template provided.

The accepted and received videos will be exhibited in the Josep Renau Exhibition Hall of the Faculty of Fine Arts of the Universitat Politècnica de València together with a selection of video art Works from the ARES. Estéticas, identidades y prácticas audiovisuales en España archive.

The copyright of the work is exclusive property of the artist who allows, in case of being selected by the committee, its exhibition and diffusion.

For the inclusion of the summary of the Video or communication in the Conference Proceedings Book, it will be necessary that at least one of the authors is registered in the Conference.